Amsterdam beckons in 2017 for the biggest ever hydro-meteorological technology show!
Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017
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10 - 12 October 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Meteorological Technology World Expo is being organised by UKi Media & Events, the world's premier international trade show organiser and magazine publisher operating in the meteorological, aviation, automotive and transportation sectors. It is an international organiser of 15 industry-leading exhibitions, working globally in Asia, North America, the Middle East and Europe, and attracts over 3,000 exhibiting companies and over 50,000 visitors to its events every year. Click here to discover more.

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See what speakers and exhibitors had to say about Meteorological Technology World Expo 2012.




Bertrand Calpini, Conference Director and President, CIMO, Switzerland discusses the WMO’s bi-ennial CIMO TECO conference staged at Meteorological Technology World Expo for the first time, and talks about its important mission to promote and facilitate international standardisation and compatibility of instruments and methods of observations used by its members.

Josh Wurman, President, Center for Severe Weather Research, USA discusses his presentation titled: Recent observations of tornadoes and hurricanes, and updates us on recent developments in the ‘The Doppler On Wheels Network’ used in the VORTEX2 tornado study


Andy McDonald, Head of Region, Weather Sales Europe, Vaisala, Finland talks about the company’s Global Lightning Dataset GLD360, a service that provides real-time lightning data for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather.

Baron Services
Rick Braswell, Vice President International Business Development, Baron Services, USA comments on the many products on display at the company’s stand including meteorological detection, visualization and data distribution systems and launches an all new product, Baron Global Data Services application for web, tablet and smart phone use.

EWR Weather Radar Systems
Don LaPoint, President, EWR Weather Radar Systems, USA the leading supplier of X band portable radar systems, launches the company’s all new EWR E750 ‘mid-size’ dual-pol mobile radar and comments on the increased demand for low-cost, high-end radar systems from users around the world.

Masanori Masui, Sales Manager – Electric Wave Application Business, Toshiba Corporation, Japan introduces the company’s latest solid-state weather radar with high accuracy, high sensitivity, and high-resolution dual polarization and full solid-state transmitter, with benefits including high performance and quality and low lifecycle costs.

Earth Networks
Jim Anderson, VP Global Networks & Business Development, Earth Networks, USA comments on the company's Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN), selected by the US National Weather Service, which provides dangerous thunder storm and severe weather event warnings and proxy radar images for weather monitoring.

Kipp & Zonen
Clive Lee, Business Manager for Meteorology & Climatology, Kipp & Zonen, the Netherlands talks about the company’s range of smart pyranometers and phyheliometers used in meteorology, climatology and solar energy networks around the world.

Applied Weather Technology
Martin Shields, Managing Director, Applied Weather Technology, UK, a world leader in ship routing and route optimisation systems, talks of the importance of accurate weather and routing data being supplied to the over 6,000 vessels utilising the company’s BonVoyage system worldwide and the benefits that it delivers.

Westenberg Engineering
Martin Kratzenberg, Sales Manager, Westenberg Engineering, Germany, a first time exhibitor at the show, introduces the company’s custom-made calibration wind tunnels for meteorological anemometers and flow probes showcased on the company's stand at the exhibition.

Campbell Scientific
Mike Brettle, Product Manager, Campbell Scientific, UK introduces a range of products on display at the company’s stand including Konect, a new data collection system, optical sensors and automatic weather systems and CS135 an all new ceilometer being launched at the show.

Per Nyberg, Director, Cray, USA discusses the company’s history of providing a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance computers to meet the ‘insatiable needs’ of the meteorological industry.

Delta Ohm
Carlo Mei, Business Development Manager, Delta Ohm, Italy manufacturer of portable and bench-top instruments including dataloggers, sensors and voltage transmitters among others, comments on the products on display on its stand.

Jacques Philouze, Worldwide Vice President Sales & Marketing Allinea Software, UK, a first time exhibitor at the show, discusses Allinea OPT and Allinea DDT software solutions for parallel performance and high-performance computing which is used by leading research institutions across the world to ensure accurate weather forecasting.

Fairmount Weather Systems
Paul Copping, Managing director, Fairmount Weather Systems, UK talks about the company’s involvement in the Weather Info For All (WIFA) project, a low cost GPRS pan-African network project headed up by Kofi Annan and comments on the range of high efficiency, low cost conventional instruments showcased on the company’s stand.

Lockhead Martin Commercial Ventures
Jerry Pelk, Product design engineering manager, Lockhead Martin Commercial Ventures, USA discusses WindTracer, the company’s Dopler/lidar system for wind hazard detection and wake measurement, chosen for numerous airport weather upgrade programmes worldwide.

Sigma Space
Dr Phil DeCola, Chief Science Officer, Sigma Space, USA introduces the company’s latest innovation, the Mini MPL, a highly-portable and power- efficient micro pulse lidar that provides continuous, unattended monitoring of cloud and aerosol profiles and properties in the atmosphere.

Dr Karl Gutbrod, Chief Executive Officer, Meteoblue, Switzerland discusses the company’s products and services which include the provision of high-precision weather information based on modern and high accuracy, high-resolution weather models for any point on Earth.

Dr Kevin Scott, Principal Director, Meteormetrics, UK launches the company’s all new patented, low and zero mercury absolute barometers which are compact, stable and highly readable, with a tube of only 50mm in length, designed to replace Fortin & Kew barometers.

Pessl Instruments
Gottfried Pessl, Chief Executive Officer, Pessl Instruments, Austria talks about the company’s latest offering the iMETOS ECO D2, dedicated to flood warning for agricultural, viticultural and horticultural use and recently installed as part of a 1000-station network in China.

Olafur Rognvaldsson, Chief Executive Officer, IMR/BELGINGUR, Iceland discusses the company’s SARWeather forecasting system designed to deliver highly accurate forecasts with short response times to those involved in search and rescue operations around the world.



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