Amsterdam beckons in 2017 for the biggest ever hydro-meteorological technology show!
Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017
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10 - 12 October 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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2014 Exhibitor Interviews

Ruud Ringoir, product manager, Kipp & Zonen, the Netherlands, comments on the company’s new SMP10 pyronometer, which combines two recent product launches into one low-maintenance instrument that requires no inspection or change of desiccant for at least 10 years, and comes with Smart Sensor Explorer software that allows set up with RS-485 to USB to TCP/IP.

Andrew McDonald, director, weather sales Europe, Vaisala, Finland, comments on a number of new products at the show including a revolutionary total intelligent road weather information system called iRWIS, the Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10, a fully integrated system for efficiently managing weather observation networks, and Vaisala AviMet, a fully configurable ICAO-approved real-time automated weather observing system.

Paul Rogers, head of sales, Gill Instruments, UK, launches the company’s brand-new range of MaxiMet compact weather stations, which are able to provide the widest number of measurements and output protocol options, and are easy to install and easy to use, with zero maintenance.

Maggie Williams, director of contract management, EWR Weather Radar, USA, unveils the next-generation Tactical Weather Radar E650D, the company’s smallest man-portable Doppler weather radar for armed forces, meteorological agencies and commercial clients.

Bob Baron Jnr, executive vice president/chief products officer, Baron Services, USA, discusses the company’s new brand launch at the show, which sees the company re-focusing on the protection of lives and property during significant weather events, utilising its range of products including dual polar radar, 2D/3D visualisation, alerting, systems integration and data distribution.

Sean Burns, head real-time services & systems, Eumetsat, Germany, discusses the company, an intergovernmental organisation that operates geostationary satellites including Meteosat, Metop and Jason, and introduces us to the all-new DVB-S2 unicast receivers being rolled out for users, which benefit from data transfer speeds of up to 140mpbs.

Simon Dawe, sales manager, Campbell Scientific, UK, introduces the company’s all-new CR6 measurement and control datalogger, a robust, compact design featuring universal input/output channels for greater flexibility when attaching sensors.

Alexander MacDonald, chief science advisor – OAR, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA, discusses the company’s NOAA Earth Information System (NEIS), a high-performance real-time visualisation allowing users to interact with large amounts of data sets in real time in a way that was not previously possible.

Philip Brown, engineer, Cray Inc, USA, talks about the company, which is a recognised global leader in the supply of super computers, and discusses the benefits of the company’s products for the meteorological industry for both data modelling and sensor-data analytics.

Klaus Hirzel, chief executive officer, Lufft, Germany, talks about the company, which has produced meteorological measuring equipment since 1881 and is now a leading manufacturer of smart weather and optical sensors for weather-critical applications.

Jim Anderson, vice president international, Earth Networks, USA, discusses the company’s patented global early warning total lightning detection system and its Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert system, both of which provide a global nowcast system relied on by clients around the world.

Davide Tangorra, business development manager, ENAV/Techno Sky, Italy, talks about the company’s role as controller of Italian civilian airspace and the role of Techno Sky, the company responsible for delivering engineering services and software to ENAV, which has developed a suite of aviation software solutions and an all-new datalogger for meteorological applications at airports.

Michal Weis, managing director, IBL Software Engineering, Slovakia, talks about the company, which provides complex software solutions for meteorological data exchange, monitoring, analysis and visualisation, and launches a world first, the Optimal Flight Plan Finder IBL Online Weather 4 for future flight optimisation.

Shuichi Inoue, general manager solutions division, Japan Radio Co, Japan, a leading manufacturer of weather radar systems primarily targeted at disaster mitigation including earthquake and flood disasters, introduces the company’s x-band weather radar system, which utilises fully solid-state technology.

Johan Edblad, chief executive officer, Metsense, Sweden, discusses the company’s 2DRoad road temperature sensor, a world first for road temperature classification, which has been manufactured for fixed and mobile installations to monitor road condition over a 6x6m area, providing the road user with a detailed visualisation of the road condition.

Prof Dr Hans-Dieter Betz, chief representative, Nowcast, Germany, comments on the company’s high-precision lightning detection network LINET, which measures lightning strikes with an accuracy of 100m and is now available with 3D locating, permitting the determination of the altitude of cloud strikes and therefore enabling proper analysis of thunderstorms.

Donn Williams, vice president, Optical Scientific, USA, comments on the company’s Modular Weather Observing System (MAWOS), which has been designed to meet ICAO, NWS, FAA and Canadian Aviation Standards and is offered in AWOS A, IIP and IIIP configurations.

David Brooks, general manager, Turnkey Instruments, UK, a first-time exhibitor at the show, talks about the company’s range of industrial and scientific instrumentation, which includes air quality, dust detection and sound level monitoring equipment utilised by local government authorities.

Jarle Heltne, product manager, Aanderaa Data Instruments, Norway, discusses the company’s range of meteorological and hydrological monitoring solutions including an all-new Doppler current flow sensor to collect and deliver high-quality current-flow data information in real time.

Hermin Aftahi, managing director, Ask-Innovative, Germany, a first-time exhibitor at the show, comments on the company’s TriVis Weather Graphix package, a tailor-made plug-and-play solution with feature-set graphics for broadcasters looking to enhance weather-related broadcasts.


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