Amsterdam beckons in 2017 for the biggest ever hydro-meteorological technology show!
Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017
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10 - 12 October 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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2015 Exhibitor Interviews

Ruud Ringoir, product manager, Kipp & Zonen, Netherlands, announces that all of the company’s range of pyranometers, pyrgeometers and total UV radiometers are now Smart enabled and capable of being linked together in one RS-485 Modbus network interface, meaning that customers can now connect multiple instruments directly to their digital data acquisition systems for live radiation measurements, to monitor the status and power supply and to keep track of the calibration history.

Jorge Balcells, director of technical service, Verne Global, UK, discusses the company’s 44-acre data centre campus in Keflavik, Iceland, which is a 100% carbon-neutral power solution, strategically located between the world’s two largest data centre markets – Europe and North America – and which addresses two key issues facing today’s data revolution: power pricing and availability.

Jakelyn Coon, marketing, Crystal Group, USA, discusses the company, which has specialised in rugged computer hardware for defence, government and industrial markets since 1987, and talks of an embedded computer product with an operating temperature range from +85°C to -40°C, which is dust resistant and works well in high humidity and is perfect for meteorologists.

Andy McDonald, director – transportation, Vaisala, Finland, discusses a host of new software being showcased on the company’s stand, including IRIS Focus, which provides the analysis tools required for better understanding and awareness of storms; Network Observation Manager, a fully integrated system for efficiently managing weather observation networks; Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager, a web-based application that helps users track approaching storms in real time.

Steve Severn, managing director, Campbell Scientific, UK, introduces two new aviation-centric products at the event, including an update to the company’s METCOM aviation weather software as well as the AVM200, which combines RVR, visibility and present weather detection in a single system. He also discusses the acquisition of Corobor Systems, a leading provider of visualisations for meteorologists.

Richard McKay, product manager, Gill Instruments, UK, discusses the company’s range of MaxiMet compact weather stations, which benefit from low power consumption in Eco mode and Bluetooth connectivity. He also launches Intelligent 3 Axis Anemometer Heating, which addresses customer challenges to achieve intelligent and continuous measurement in cold, condensing conditions including extreme events such as freezing rain.

Els Veenhoven, manager, Disdrometrics, and Ellen van Andel, project coordinator VPdelta TU Delft, Netherlands, discuss The Valorisation Program Delta Technology & Water (VPdelta) set up by the Dutch region of Rotterdam/Delft/Drechtsteden to increase entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for the challenge of remaining safe in delta areas. They comment on successful examples of its start-ups including Disdro, a maintenance-free rain gauge, and TAHMO, which produces low-maintenance hydrometeorological monitoring stations specifically designed to provide rainfall, temperature and other critical data, with robust redundant sensors and real-time mobile phone uplinks.

Graham Hart-Ives, head of sales, Wireless Innovation, UK, discusses the company, a specialist provider of cellular and satellite communications to the meteorology market, which works with all the industry’s leading players, and whose solutions have been deployed all over the world. Being network agnostic, the company is able to select the most appropriate communications solution for customers’ requirements. Wireless Innovation can then ensure that its vital data is delivered in a timely, accurate, secure and cost-effective manner.

Caroline Forster, managing director, WXFusion, Germany, discusses the company, which provides a cutting-edge solution to help mitigate delays and disruptions in the air transport system by providing near-real-time information on the location and time of the occurrence of thunderstorms, including a forecast for up to one hour. This information enables pilots to strategically plan and adjust their flight routes, and other aviation stakeholders to optimise their operations.

Daniel Betz, head of marketing and products, Nowcast, Germany, discusses the company’s European lightning detection network – LINET – and explains how, with unparalleled precision, the network can detect lightning strike impact points accurately to within 75m from 3kA upwards.

Jan Dutton, general manager – weather systems, Schneider Electric, USA, discusses two products being showcased at the event: MetConsole, a data management software package for use at airports, and AviationSentry, a package that provides airlines with the most advanced weather information available to help them avoid costly re-directs and flight cancellations.

Ehab Alshurafa, SVP enterprise solutions, Arabiaweather, UAE, comments on the company, which is the leading provider of weather products and services in the MENA region, providing timely, accurate and hyperlocalised information services to businesses including media, airline, insurance, oil and gas, agriculture and retail as well as to consumers.

Guido Bernardi, business development manager, CAE, Italy, introduces the company’s latest technology, the Radar Hydrometer LPR (Level Probing Radar), which can be used for the accurate measurement (±2mm up to 35m away) of water levels in streams, rivers and reservoirs as well as for wave measurement applications.

Dr Susanne Crewell, coordinator of ITARS (Initial Training for Atmospheric Remote Sensing) programme, University of Cologne, Germany, comments on the programme, which over the past three years has seen 16 young researchers in atmospheric remote sensing prepare for careers in both academia and the meteorological industry. We also hear from two of the Fellows.

Dr Michael Schönhuber, head of research group, Joanneum Research, Austria, an innovation and technology provider with a long track record in cutting-edge research, comments on the company’s 1D and 2D video disdrometers, which allow for precision identification and the automated and permanent measurement and characterisation of all precipitation particle types in incredible detail.

Pierluigi Bassetto, chief executive officer, NESA, Italy, launches an all-new snow temperature profiler that measures in great detail the temperature value at different depths of snow cover to enable early warning of avalanche risk. The 2.5m pole has 12 high-accuracy temperature sensors mounted on adjustable arms up to 25cm away from the pole, which monitor small variations in temperature between each point.

Cristian Mazzero, sales engineer, Siap + Micros, Italy, talks about the company, which provides complete solutions for the meteorology, hydrology and oceanography industries, including temperature and humidity sensors, anemometers, atmospheric sensors and precipitation measurement sensors and is also well known for being a systems integrator.


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