11., 12., 13. Oktober 2022
Hall 7.1, Porte de Versailles, Paris, Frankreich

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New radiosonde

Meteomodem will present its brand-new M20 radiosonde, a revolution in the field of in-situ upper air measurements, allowing enhanced PTU and wind quality data. It boasts a low cost thanks to its small size and weight (only 36g).

At the expo this year, Meteomodem will also showcase its automatic radiosonde launcher, the Robotsonde system. The Robotsonde is fully compatible with the new M20 radiosonde.

Able to perform 12 or 24 soundings without human intervention, this system provides many benefits to users by making the operators’ tasks easier, cutting the running costs of sounding stations, reducing the possibility of error and wrong handling during preparation and launching phases, and guaranteeing safety when using hydrogen gas.

The Robotsonde system is used worldwide, thanks to its proven reliability in all climates, from cold polar to tropical or even arid lands.

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