11., 12., 13. Oktober 2022
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Pyranometer sensor network calibration

High-accuracy pyranometer provider Hukseflux will demonstrate the upgrades to its worldwide network of calibration facilities at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Paris.

Pyranometers must be calibrated every two years. Such recalibration is good practice for any measuring instrument and is a requirement of standards covering photovoltaic (PV) system performance and meteorological monitoring. However, the cost of recalibration is high. According to Hukseflux, pyranometer users prefer its pyranometers not only because of their measurement accuracy but also because the company’s calibration service helps attain the lowest cost-over-lifetime.

Hukseflux’s calibrations are indoor and comply with ISO 9847:1992 solar energy – Calibration of field pyranometers by comparison to a reference pyranometer, type IIc.
In 2022, two new facilities in Singapore and Australia were added to the network, both equipped with the latest hardware. Hukseflux now operates calibration facilities in the main global economies. This reduces transport distance. In many cases, it is possible to avoid cross-border transport and all associated paperwork, for example, to get permission for tax-free export and import.

Hukseflux is in the process of technically upgrading its older calibration facilities, adding internet connectivity, a web-based user interface and automated reprogramming of digital sensors. Operators can now be trained in less than one day. Hukseflux’s facilities in the EU and USA have attained ISO 17025 accreditation, confirming their high quality level.

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