WMO's TECO-2022

Once again, Meteorological Technology World Expo is hosting the WMO Technical Conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation (TECO-2022). This year’s theme: Sustainable fit-for-purpose measurements – a foundation of the WMO Earth System approach. The conference will be held alongside the expo, from October 10-13, 2022.

TECO-2022 will gather all those involved with instruments and methods of observation from national meteorological and hydrological services, environmental agencies, other national and international organizations dealing with measurements, research institutes and academia, the private sector (especially instrument manufacturers and measurement providers) and other interested individuals.

The overall goal of the conference is to strengthen the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) measurement community by enhancing knowledge of environmental measurement techniques, methodologies and related quality procedures, and to foster collaboration among WIGOS stakeholders, including manufacturers, research institutions and academia.

The conference will enable the exchange of experiences and achievements in operational measurement practice, and the sharing of the latest developments in instrumentation, observing systems and methods and related services. It will also provide opportunities for direct interaction between the WIGOS community, manufacturers of meteorological and other environmental instruments and systems, and related industries and organizations. Alongside this, the conference will support the transition of the latest technologies and techniques from research projects to operational practices, thereby enhancing the information value chain. Additionally, it is expected to contribute to and foster knowledge transfer, training and capacity development, particularly for participants from lesser developed countries. Finally, the conference will develop proposals for future activities to be undertaken by the WIGOS measurement community in relation to environmental measurement.

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