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New solid-state power amplifier radar system (SSPA) radar

Hydrix-III is the latest version of NoviMet’s dual-pol X-band Doppler radar, dedicated to hydrometeorology and network gap-filling applications. Equipped with its solid-state power amplifier transmitter, it features numerous advantages compared to a magnetron-based radar. Transmitter lifetime is longer, thus reducing maintenance costs. In addition, in the event of a defective transmitter amplifier unit, the radar keeps working uninterruptedly (only losing 3dB sensitivity) prior to installation of a replacement.

Additionally, the Hydrix-III uses the Advanced Radar Research Center pulse compression scheme, resolving blind range issues through multiplexed transmit waveform, and offering a favorable trade-off between range side-lobe reduction and SNR performances. Alongside this, NoviMet’s innovative signal processing enables high SNR performances closed to the magnetron-based version.

Although the standard design of Hydrix-III is without radome – to alleviate attenuation and extinction issues due to heavy showers on the radome – the company also proposes a radome-equipped version to adapt to environments subject to very severe weather or atmospheric constraints.

Hydrix-III also implements the latest version of ZPHI software (ZPHI-II), which allows retrieval of the particle size distribution of both rain and snow in each resolution cell. This enables unprecedented accuracy in rain rate or snow rate.

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