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Visibility and present weather sensors

Biral will be exhibiting a selection from its extensive meteorological sensor portfolio at the expo. This will include the visibility and present weather sensors from the VPF and SWS ranges, which are in use at national and international airports worldwide, as well as at many national meteorological services. Biral offers the most extensive range of these sensors to suit every application. One of their key features is their extended operating life, even in the harshest conditions. For example, even when installed on marine metocean buoys or at the base of offshore wind turbines in the splash zone, these hard-anodized sensors are supplied with a five-year warranty as standard.

In addition to these visibility sensors, there will be presentations on the new range of thunderstorm detectors and lightning warning systems – the BTD range. These sensors are installed at civil and military airports, mining operations, golf courses, football stadiums and rocket launch sites around the world. Their unique quasi-electrostatic measurement principle and traditional radio frequency direction sensing combines two measuring worlds. This allows them to accurately locate distant lightning storms like a traditional lightning network does, and offer advanced warning of the threat of an overhead storm before the first strike, rather like some field mills can. The addition of this ‘overhead’ advanced warning makes them very complementary to traditional lightning networks and adds another layer of highly relevant safety data for the end user.

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