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EXPO NEWS: Vaisala doubles operating time of autonomous upper-air sounding solution

Environmental and industrial measurement specialist Vaisala has unveiled its new Autosonde AS41 automatic sounding system at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2018, taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from October 9-11.

Designed to function in the harshest and most remote locations, Vaisala Autosonde AS41 is capable of operating autonomously for one month at a time, more than doubling the automation time compared with previous systems. The first deployments of the Autosonde AS41 are set to take place in Q1 2019.

“With Vaisala Autosonde AS41, national meteorological services can extend the coverage of their upper-air networks also to hard-to-reach locations,” said Jarmo Franssila, product manager for the Vaisala sounding systems.

“For 25 years, Vaisala Autosonde systems have shown how well they perform in a wide range of climates. The new AS41 system has been tested in two test sites that were purposefully selected from locations providing windy and harsh conditions.

“More than 1,000 soundings have been performed in these locations to compare and test different design details that relate to reliability of the system in general as well as performance in high wind conditions in particular.”

Forward Scatter FD70 Series
Vaisala also launched the seventh generation of its visibility and present weather sensors at Meteorological Technology Expo 2018. The Vaisala Forward Scatter FD70 Series consists of two products - the FD71 visibility sensor and FD71P present weather sensor – that together set a new standard in precipitation identification, quantification and visibility determination.

The FD70 Series can function as a standalone system or interoperate with third-party systems. The series is aimed at meteorological institutes and airports with the first orders set to be implemented in Q2 2019.

Tommi Linna, product manager, Vaisala, said, “[The] FD70 Series is based on innovative integration of forward scatter and optical disdrometer technologies, which enables reliable detection of even the smallest droplet. FD70 Series has superior precipitation type identification capability, and it enhances precipitation intensity and accumulation measurements. The new products provide accurate visibility measurement with proven calibration traceability and reporting range of up to 100 kilometers.”

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