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Water-level pressure sensors

Extreme events and hostile environments such as the Amazon jungle, Antarctica and offshore operations require equipment with great quality, reliability and robustness. Monitoring the environment has strategic importance for decision making by public and private managers to mitigate the harmful effects of critical hydrometeorological events, for the management of industrial and agro-industrial activities, for transport and for urban distribution of water.

Dualbase’s LimniDB water level sensors, especially the LimniDB-CAP capacitive ceramic pressure sensor, are state-of-the-art water-level pressure sensors for harsh environments. LimniDB-CAP is easy to use and maintain, and has excellent temperature-compensated accuracy.

The LimniDB-Borbulha Bubbler water-level sensor is designed for applications where it is too difficult to instal a conventional pressure sensor, or the characteristics of the river are too dangerous for the sensor. The LimniDB-Borbulha Bubbler has an air compressor that is strong enough to maintain a clean system, with low energy consumption.

These sensors are designed to offer reliable data and operation in any kind of environment. Providing excellent accuracy, they have already been installed, tested and approved by the Brazilian National Water Agency monitoring network. More than 4,500 hydrometeorological stations are currently in operation.

Dualbase develops special solutions for specific purposes, such as enclosures for IP68 protection of equipment, which can be installed underground or in places that can be flooded for many hours, protecting the electronic equipment inside the enclosure.

Dualbase also develops new technologies for reliable telemetry. In a partnership with the Brazilian Aerospace Agency and the National Institute for Space Research, the company is developing new systems for reliable, low-cost satellite telemetry for worldwide coverage in geostationary and low-orbit satellites, such as Meteosat, GOES, SCD and ARGOS.

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