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EXPO NEWS: Sommer launches new and improved snow depth sensor
Sommer Messtechnik

Austrian firm Sommer Messtechnik launched its new Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor with new levels of stability, accuracy and reliability.

In addition to its measurement qualities, the new snow depth sensor can be easily integrated with existing systems, making it ideally suited to replace older and less-accurate snow depth sensors.

Thanks to its low energy requirements, it is the ideal sensor for remote, solar-powered sites. Furthermore, its maintenance-free ultrasonic seal helps to reduce the total cost of ownership.

“Changing from time measurement to signal analysis is a completely new approach that enables us to generate new data from the Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor,” explained Christoph Sommer, sales director, Sommer Messtechnik.

“The sensitivity and accuracy are all much improved. We also have precipitation and event recognition. For example, we can measure if snow is staying on the ground or not.”

As well as its snow depth sensor, Sommer also launched a datalogger that boasts a variety of user communication options. It features simultaneous and automatic selection modes and offers internal calculation and conversion features. These innovative features help customers realize new and versatile applications, making it the ideal companion for emergency and remote setups in the hydrology market.

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