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New Eldes WR-J weather radar

X-band solid-state dual polarization and Doppler radar

After 30 years of experience in the global market with the WR X-band Magnetron-based weather radar, Eldes is now ready to propose a new range of weather radar, based on solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) technology.

A key point of the new Eldes WR-J weather radar is its flexibility of installation, as it is fixed, relocatable and trailer-mobile. Additionally, its cutting-edge technology features high resolution, fast scanning and a multiprocessing chain. As the solution is designed for networking, it is integrable with Eldes or third-party radars. The new Eldes WR-J weather radar is easy to deploy and maintain due to its fast startup, low lifecycle costs and automated remote maintenance support. It is also highly configurable, with different TX and antenna options coming soon. Furthermore, the radar has been developed around METRANET II and PERSER-PC.

The solution’s technical specifications include: an operating frequency of 9300–9500MHz; peak power of 200W (100Wh plus 100W V) or 400W (200Wh and 200W V); a Doppler velocity of > 60m/s; a beamwidth of ≤ 1.9°; a 1.2m antenna; and a 20m (min) range resolution.

Find out more about the company at Booth 1005.

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