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SHOW NEWS: Graw unveils redesigned radiosonde system and cloud-based monitoring app

Graw, a leading manufacturer of radiosondes and upper air sounding systems, has completely redeveloped its radiosonde technology with the introduction of its new DFM-17 model. The radiosonde features a new design boasting remote initialization and reliable data acquisition up to an altitude of 40km (25 miles). The weight and battery life have also been improved to enhance the operational lifetime.

“Almost all of the technology involved in the radiosonde has been upgraded and improved, including the transmitter,” said Alexander Kotik, chief technical officer, Graw. “The DFM-17 is smaller than its predecessors and includes lots of new features that make it easier to track and transmit real-time data.”

Alongside the DFM-17, Graw took the opportunity to demonstrate its new cloud-based solution – GrawGo – for monitoring upper-air sounding stations. The GrawGo app enables the user to keep track of the status, measurement data and current events of the upper-air systems at all times. The company also showcased a selection of different ground stations, antenna systems and other accessories.

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