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WMO-compliant IoT micro-weather station network
Barani Design

The MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro-weather stations have been designed with quality, not quantity, in mind. Taking advantage of the low-power wireless IoT innovations in combination with top-notch professional measurement technology, Barani Design forged a micro-weather station that complies with the highest WMO and NWS measurement standards. MeteoHelix is the basis for a fast-growing private WMO conforming meteorological networks.

This unique technological combination in the MeteoHelix has become a building block technology, enabling climatological networks to affordably meet strict WMO measurement standards. An unexpected side benefit of this adoption has been the staggering growth rates of these networks, some of which are more than doubling in size each year. One of the fastest-growing networks is located in Belgium, which has recently become the country with the most densely populated WMO-compliant weather stations per square kilometer.

The year 2022 brings improvements to the MeteoHelix IoT Pro based on input from researchers in Antarctica and the Death Valley in California and feedback from many other climates. This guarantees pure measurement accuracy and data quality not based on data corrections and black-box artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to compensate for low-quality meteorological measurements. The MeteoHelix IoT Pro provides uniform data quality in all climates ranging from the snow-covered planes of Antarctica to the rain forests of Indonesia and the sun-soaked deserts of the Death Valley.

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