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New ultrasonic wind sensor
LCJ Capteurs

LCJ Capteurs is eager to showcase the innovative SONIC-ANEMO-DLG ultrasonic wind sensor with incorporated datalogger, which will be available in wired and wireless versions.

The new SONIC-ANEMO-DLG, designed for integrators as well as for standalone weather monitoring stations, is an excellent sensor to record average wind speed and wind direction. The period and resolution of the samples will determine the number of records. The integrator can choose the measurement period and the number of records.

The sensor is available in an autonomous version with battery and photovoltaic cell or in an ultra-low-power (ULP) version, and the data can be collected by a low-power serial protocol as a source file.

French company LCJ Capteurs was established in 1999 with the aim of designing a static and robust wind measurement sensor that was marinized, lightweight (to be mounted at the head of the mast), compact and accurate with a low power consumption. Ultrasonic measurement technology has become essential to create a product without any moving parts, which are usually subject to wear and tear.

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