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Remote sensing solutions for atmospheric monitoring
Cimel Electronique

For more than 50 years, Cimel has developed a complementary range of remote sensing solutions for atmospheric monitoring of aerosols and many environmental parameters. Its multi-spectral photometers are used to support satellite calibration and data validation by contributing to various scientific climate studies.

These lidars use innovative laser technologies for atmospheric stratification analysis, detecting aerosol layers and properties, and localizing the planetary boundary layer. They are used as a fixed or mobile solution for air quality and meteorological applications. The synergies between the two main instruments have allowed the development of an Automatic Aerosol Monitoring Solution (AAMS), which brings more added-value data to scientific partners.

Cimel is an exclusive supplier to NASA-AERONET, the planetary aerosols monitoring network, where its solutions provide strong added value to Earth observation by sharing high-accuracy data for atmospheric and environmental monitoring as well as climate modeling.

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