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3D scanning wind lidars for meteorological observations
Leice Lidar

Leice Lidar will present its latest 3D-scanning wind lidars for meteorological observations – Wind3D 10K and Wind3D 6000. These systems can continuously perform various detection modes to detect different meteorological features. The equipment comes with scientific algorithms for data output and a powerful software platform for intuitive graphs display. The remote sensing wind lidars feature high spatial-temporal resolution, long detection range, robust enclosure and customer-tailored data platform.

This equipment is based on the principle of optical coherence Doppler frequency shift detection, widely used for monitoring, identification and early warning of low-altitude wind shear, detection of aircraft wake vortex and enhancing the separation reduction of the dynamic wake vortex.

Jennifer Tan, overseas sales manager at Leice Lidar, says, “We’d like to meet with the local distributors in meteorological or aviation sectors, and end users from meteorological departments, universities, research institutes, etc. I believe Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022 is the best exhibition to help us achieve our goals because it has the most valuable visitors and audience.”

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