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Private meteorological companies from Korea
Korea Pavilion

At Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022, the Korea Pavilion will showcase seven promising private companies from Korea: Bomin Consulting, Dongbang Innovation, GI E&S, Nano C&W, Sea-tech, Soletop and Weathex.

Bomin Consulting will demonstrate its Climate Action Net-Zero educational training tool. Dongbang Innovation will present its automatic weather system (AWS) and its Datalogger data collection solution, which has been designed for meteorological observation. GI E&S will show GeoCanvas – a GIS solution created for the satellite field – and GeoMeteo – a solution designed to monitor weather conditions, climates and typhoons.

Alpha-Met will be front and center in Nano C&W’s section, as the company demonstrates its data modeling technology and hyper-local technology that produce weather information. Sea-tech will show not only its automatic weather system (AWS) but also its floating lidar system buoy and oceanographic buoy. Soletop will focus on its GlobeGeo Suite and WeatherSat GK2A satellite analyzing systems. Finally, Weathex will display its dual thermistor radiosonde and datalogger, which is based on Python.

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