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Automated weather stations
OTT HydroMet

In recent years, OTT HydroMet has focused on setting up complete automated weather stations. For every purpose, the company tailors a solution combining sensors, dataloggers and communication modules from its brands including Lufft, Kipp & Zonen, OTT, SUTRON and ADCON. All elements of a solution are harmonized and selected for hassle-free operation and easy integration.

In many cases, automated weather stations are meant for remote operation, sometimes under extreme conditions. Robust, maintenance-free systems are essential to keep weather stations running in remote areas that are difficult to access, for example in the Alps or at remote solar energy plants. Take the Lufft Ventus bird-proof ultrasonic wind sensor, which is built to resist extreme cold and aggressive sea water, or the proven OTT Pluvio² weighing rain gauge, which combines extreme sensitivity with very low maintenance needs. Adequate communication systems are essential for every meteorological station – especially for remote ones. OTT HydroMet provides appropriate telemetry solutions based on mobile networks and satellite technology.

For atmospheric scientists, OTT HydroMet presents its ceilometer Lufft CHM 8k with an impressively low false alarm rate below 2% under all weather conditions for clouds below 1km and close to 0% in clear sky conditions.

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