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Airfield monitoring
Meteo Operations Italia

AeroMonitor is an airfield monitoring software that centralizes the management of airfields and heliports, allowing automated information to be overseen, coordinated and received in real time, from a laptop.

AeroMonitor is a proprietary technology, implemented in several infrastructures of general and commercial aviation and emergencies. It does not cover air traffic services. It is a joint Spanish-Italian effort and is currently operating in Catalonia, although it is ready to be used elsewhere.

Services are automated and include activity reports, videos of take-offs and landings, videos of ground movements, real-time visualization, preconfigured warnings and alarms, real-time weather and forecast, sound-level meters, invoicing, status of communications and peripherals.

The system can integrate all usable functions. Airfields and heliports can be globally managed as one network, thus properly structuring the aeronautical resources. The airport manager has complete control of access to information. AeroMonitor is fully scalable and can be configured for a phased implementation; elements and services can be added at any time.

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