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Cellular microclimate monitoring weather station
Onset Computer Corporation

Onset’s web-enabled HOBO MicroRX weather station is a compact, rugged, easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular microclimate monitoring solution. With an integrated solar panel or a battery-powered option for shaded deployment locations, the HOBO MicroRX accepts a wide range of research-grade plug-and-play sensors to measure temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, PAR, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, soil moisture, and more. It is also available with an optional water-level sensor input.

For remote access to accurate, reliable data, the MicroRX works with Onset’s powerful cloud-based HOBOlink software, where users can view and manage data, customize dashboards for instant visualization of current and historical data, and receive email and/or text alerts if conditions exceed set thresholds. HOBOlink also integrates with Google Maps for a quick view of all HOBO devices in a system.

When used as the core component of Onset’s award-winning HOBOnet system, the MicroRX station accepts up to 50 wireless HOBOnet sensors for microclimate monitoring of environmental conditions. With its reliable sub-GHz wireless mesh networking and self-healing technology, and affordable wireless sensors communicating through a single gateway, the HOBOnet system provides the lowest-cost solution for getting multiple data points to the internet.

The HOBO MicroRX station and wireless HOBOnet sensors make it convenient and affordable to perform microclimate monitoring at multiple locations over an area, providing real-time measurement data for a variety of meteorological applications.

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