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Generators for balloon lift gas

In the meteorology field, remote locations are often used for balloon soundings, leading to several issues such as logistical difficulties associated with delivered gas, safety issues related to high-pressure cylinders and the cost associated with gas delivery. Unreliable gas deliveries result in a reduced number of soundings and missed atmospheric data. Nel’s breakthrough hydrogen generation systems use advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology to address hydrogen needs with high-performance, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Nel’s S Series hydrogen generators have a compact design and small footprint and require minimal installation. The system is fully automatic with remote monitoring. It has a lower capital investment compared with alternate technology and has minimal annual maintenance costs. Users can expect 99% or more uptime, start-and-stop cycling without stack degradation and an uninterrupted supply. There is no caustic material handling and minimal storage and hazardous gas handling. Advanced differential pressure design is key to the exemplary safety performance.

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