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Non-contact radar flood monitoring devices

At Meteorological Technology World Expo in Paris, Geolux will showcase its latest advancements in radar-based technology. The company will present LX-80, a radar level meter; LX-80-15 10Hz, an oceanographic radar sensor; RSS-2-300W, a surface velocity radar; RSS-2-300WL, a radar flow meter; and HydroStation, an integrated hydrological system used for water level monitoring in rivers, channels and lakes, early flood warning and accurate discharge monitoring in rivers.

The Geolux LX-80-15 10Hz oceanographic radar sensor is the company’s latest achievement in tidal and wave monitoring. It measures the water level with an accuracy of +/- 2mm and calculates wave parameters integrated into the sensor while providing an accurate wave analysis with 10 samples per second. The radar is ideal for tide monitoring and coastal wave intensity analysis. It is applicable on open-sea platforms and in harbors. Furthermore, the radar sensor is used in hurricane wave intensity tracking. The installation of all instruments above the water, usually on an existing overhead structure such as a bridge, is easy, fast and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, Geolux demonstrates its commitment to superior professionalism and industry standards by holding calibration certificates issued by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Flood management deals with many challenges, including predicting flood hazards and endangerment encompassing various subsequential events, and direct and indirect effects of societal repercussions. With the development of tailor-made devices for monitoring floods, Geolux addresses the economic and ecological vulnerability, infrastructure vulnerability and danger to people as consequences of flood hazards.

Geolux is a fast-growing European company and niche leader in the hydrology radar and sensor industry, serving clients in over 50 countries worldwide. By developing instruments that use non-contact radar technology to measure water level and water flow, it focuses on easy installation, low maintenance and reliable measurements in almost all conditions.

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