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September 22, 23, 24, 2020
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

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Automatic pollen monitoring

The first series of Swisens Poleno, an air-flow cytometer for automated pollen analysis, is now available and will be on show at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2019. Swisens Poleno is able to measure single aerosol particles in flight and automatically identify aerosol particle classes in real time.

The first application of the air-flow cytometer is monitoring the concentration of different types of pollen in the air for people with allergies. Swisens Poleno provides the most independent characteristic values per particle available on the market and renders a mosaic of information about the particles going through the system. Outstanding quality of classification is achieved with this rich data set and state-of-the-art classification algorithms.

The results from the first field tests of Swisens Poleno in 2018, together with independent research conducted by MeteoSwiss, show that across seven pollen species the average correct identification was above 90%. The latest ongoing work shows an average correct identification better than 95% for nine pollen species. In comparison, today’s manual identification rate is around 80%.

The unique feature of Swisens Poleno is its ability to take holographic images of every single particle in flight. The holographic images are very valuable for the verification of the measurement and very helpful for quality control. Thanks to the images, verification is simple and intuitive.

The unique integrated aerosol concentrator of Swisens Poleno enables an unprecedented time resolution in the range of minutes. This enables the measurement data to be used for a precise pollen forecast to provide early warnings for allergic people so that they can take effective preventive measures to reduce contact with the pollen.

Swisens is looking for early adopters who want to automate the pollen measurement in their country or build up new networks for automatic pollen monitoring. Swisens is also looking for scientists who will use the new measurement opportunities to explore the microcosmos of aerosol particles from 1μm to 300μm, such as bioaerosols including spores and plant debris; support PM10 particle classification; and conduct aerosol particle-based biodiversity monitoring. Visit Swisen's booth to learn more.

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