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Real-time pollen monitoring

Digitalization has enabled the automation of pollen measuring stations. As with modern meteorological technology, a data connection to the existing data network is possible. Switzerland’s automatic pollen monitoring network will go into operation in 2022, and the most important allergenic pollen varieties and their concentrations will be available in real time. Pollen warnings based on measured values and improved forecasts will be possible. Model-based forecasts without current measured values and delayed evaluations by previous manual measurement methods have been overcome.

Swisens will present a comprehensive monitoring system tailored for meteorological services. SwisensEcosystem Pollen Monitoring provides full support in handling measurement technology and paves the way for real-time pollen monitoring. The intelligent measuring system identifies pollen types within seconds. Within minutes and in continuous operation, local evident concentrations are available. With the reliable SwisensPoleno Mars measuring system and a data framework, the company ensures seamless integration of pollen data into the existing network.

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