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New microwave temperature profiler
RPO Attex

IFU GmbH and RPO Attex will present a new version of the microwave temperature profiler family – the MTP-5i. Users receive vertical temperature profiles in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) from 0-1km in 20-30 minutes after installation for any part of the world; they do not need any additional measurements, calibration and data collection. The advantage of the MTP-5 single-frequency, angular scanning microwave radiometer is its technical simplicity and operational reliability. The measurement results are error-free due to the manual calibration because MTP-5 is a self-calibrated unit.

The recovery algorithm has been successfully tested in comparisons with radio-sounding data in Russia, Europe and the USA. MTP-5 devices are widely used around the world as maintenance-free, all-weather, self-calibrating and consumable-free tools.

In the MTP-5i device, the companies have used their experience of application in urban heat islands, ecology of cities, mining companies and industrial zones. Numerous international comparisons show sufficient resolution in accuracy in the first few hundred meters, which allows objective characteristics of dynamic and statistical distribution of the temperature in ABL to be obtained. MTP-5i data provides information about the mixing layer height, the stability class and temperature inversions.

The data is used for several tasks: operational forecast refinement, forecasting fog conditions at airports and assimilation into numerical forecast models. The mobile version of the MTP-5i device has been successfully tested and can be used, for example, on a car roof for researching the complex terrain of mountain-valley ABLs to improve the quality of forecast models.

The new device is available in the EU (Italy and Spain – special conditions). IFU GmbH provides assembly, testing, delivery, training, technical support and warranty for the MTP-5i. Since 1995, 124 MTP-5s have been installed in 27 countries worldwide.

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