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Datalogger family
Siap + Micros

SIAP+MICROS will present its latest datalogger family, which has united the flexibility, stable performance and reliability of previous generations of Siap+Micros dataloggers with breakthrough innovations.

The datalogger’s new abilities include two independent CPUs, one for real-time operations and one for data processing, to give unmatched performance. It has the most complete set of wired and wireless high-speed communication interfaces and a new graphical web-based interface, which make configuration and data viewing very easy and accessible from any device both locally and remotely. A Linux-based open platform and an onboard Python interpreter give the user unlimited space for customization and development of additional applications. Total security is realized on all levels from local data encryption and digital signatures to secure connection and data transfer protocols (HTTPs, FTPs, MQTTs, etc), and includes robust authentication, traceability and application protection.

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