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New scalable datalogger

At the expo in Paris, CAE will showcase its new scalable Datalogger Compact, featuring an embedded Linux operating system and an interactive web server on board. It boasts a high degree of flexibility at different levels: hardware, software, installation and data management. Its modularity allows tailoring of each remote station architecture to the client’s needs. CAE has also developed IoT protocols on it, such as CoAP and MQTT.

The company will also show its PG4i, the only standalone rain gauge on the market allowing accurate measurement of cumulated rain and intensity with integrated datalogger and GPRS modem. It is a professional all-in-one rain measurement system.

CAE will also display its wildfire monitoring and early warning system for the calculation of ignition risk indexes, the detection of the ignition of a fire hotspot and dissemination of alarms, and the integration of forecast models displaying the probable propagation of the fire front.

Visitors will also be able to browse AEGIS, a powerful web-based platform and decision-making support tool. This software allows the geospatial display of information in real time. The platform is developed on an open-source architecture and is particularly suited for interoperability.

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