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Automatic pollen monitoring system

Swisens will present its automatic pollen monitoring system, SwisensPoleno Mars, a tailored solution that moves towards a new era in environmental meteorology. Visit the booth to learn more about SwisensPoleno Mars and the inclusion of pollen monitoring into meteorological services.

Pollen allergies are a growing and widespread problem with 25% of adult Europeans affected. Global warming is lengthening the flowering periods and thus the pollen season. In addition, a milder climate favors the spread of invasive allergenic plants. Finally, stress factors such as heat and air pollution increase the concentration of allergens in pollen grains. Thus, the pollen allergy problem will only increase in the future.

Weather services can now give pollen allergy sufferers a big helping hand. Nationwide automatic pollen monitoring is a reality. MeteoSwiss has been using Swisens technology to achieve this. Its pollen monitoring network shows the future path for meteorological services – the delivery of real-time pollen information to allergy sufferers.

What makes pollen monitoring particularly interesting for meteorological services is the potential for digitalization and shareable forecasts. Thanks to digitalization, automatic pollen measuring stations and real-time data are a reality. As with other modern meteorological technology, embedding pollen monitoring systems into the existing network is feasible. Switzerland’s nationwide automatic pollen monitoring network is an ideal example. The data about the most important allergenic pollen varieties and their concentrations is available in real time. Furthermore, precise pollen warnings, as they rely on measured values based on improved forecasts, will be possible. Manual pollen counting is thus a thing of the past.

Booth: 7046

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