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Internet gas monitor
Turnkey Instruments

Turnkey will be launching the brand new iGASair internet gas monitor at this year’s Meteorological Technology World Expo. Turnkey Instruments offers ISO 9001 accredited industrial and scientific instrumentation that is designed and manufactured in the UK.

According to Turnkey, this internet gas monitor represents fantastic value for money with an extensive range of features that make using it easy. Furthermore, the iGASair is available on every continent.

The iGASair is flexible and compact and has a low cost of ownership. It is easy to deploy and maintain and can measure and record up to eight gas species simultaneously. Automatic zeroing by internal zero gas generation virtually eliminates drift. The iGASair also records atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity and has an operating temperature range of -20 to 50°C.

The gas monitor has RS-485, Ethernet, wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity and complimentary Android and iPhone apps. All data produced is accessible online, from smartphones, tablets and desktops. The iGASair can be battery, mains or solar-powered.

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