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Automated global precision weather data

meteoblue is a provider of automated global precision weather data for every point on Earth, with top accuracy forecasts, seamless hourly history from 1979 up to now, and more than 100 variables in consistent and rapidly retrievable data sets, diagrams and dynamic map visualizations. These are available via apps, website, APIs, maps and other means, and used by customers in more than 50 countries in media, tourism, transport and logistics, air traffic, building management, agriculture, renewables, insurance and other sectors.

The meteoblue Learning MultiModel (mLM), introduced in 2018, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to compare measurements from 150,000 weather stations and remote sensing (radar and satellite) on the fly with over 30 weather models (both proprietary and third party), producing weather forecasts with the highest publicly documented accuracy, and much better than any single model.

The company’s archive of hourly weather and environmental data stretches from 1979 to today, covering every point on land, sea and in the air (at a variety of altitudes). It enables access to a detailed history of weather events, analysis of climate risk, site valuations, weather-based management strategies, and much more.
meteoblue also supplies unique global composites of satellite cloud and precipitation, and many other special diagrams, showing extremely accurate data in an intuitive and user-friendly way. meteoblue conducts constant and extensive verification of its weather data, comparing it to objective measurements.

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