11, 12, 13 de octubre de 2022
Pabellón 7.1, Porte de Versailles, París, Francia

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New digital thermometer range

At Meteorological Technology World Expo, Navimet will highlight its new range of digital thermometers to replace banned mercury thermometers, and a new digital hygrometer for meteorological applications.

The new models available are: THN-01 thermometer for weather shelters; THN-07 above-the-soil thermometer; THN-08 thermometer for evaporation pan; THN-09 thermometer for temperature -10/-20/-50/-100cm below the soil surface; H65 hygrometer to measure humidity (% RH) and dew point temperature (Td in °C). Each model displays minimum, maximum and instantaneous values with a measurement every six seconds and an operating autonomy of five years.

The THN digital thermometers are accurate to 0.1°C. They offer an extended range of 110°C ( -39.9°C to 69.9°C). A quick reset of extrema values allows the weather shelter to stay open for a shorter time.
The H65 hygrometer displays minimum, maximum and instantaneous relative humidity (% RH) as well as minimum, maximum and instantaneous dew point temperature.

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