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The world’s largest meteorological event!

Meteorological Technology World Expo is a global event attracting around 145+ exhibiting companies and thousands of attendees from over 100 countries. It is the largest exhibition in the world for suppliers and manufacturers of meteorological, hydromet, metocean and environmental monitoring technologies and services. Professional buyers and users visit from national meteorological and hydrological services, environmental agencies, research institutes, universities and a whole host of weather-critical industries including aviation, road, rail, maritime, retail, renewable energy, offshore industries, insurance, leisure, utilities and more.

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Meteorological Technology World Expo is organized by the publisher of Meteorological Technology International magazine, the world’s only publication dedicated to weather, climate and hydrometeorological prediction, measurement and forecasting instruments and services.

Whether you are in search of cutting-edge measurement, forecasting and analysis technologies, weather or research service providers, or simply looking to meet up with your established suppliers in one convenient location, Meteorological Technology World Expo is the place to be.

Exhibitor Interviews

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Product Areas

See the very latest climate, weather and hydrometeorological forecasting, measurement, and analysis technologies, and discover new weather or research service providers and partners.

  • Air pollution monitoring systems
  • All-in-one weather stations
  • Anemometers/wind speed and direction sensors
  • Antennas, masts and towers
  • Atmospheric research services
  • Atmospheric sensors
  • Avalanche warning systems
  • Aviation weather systems
  • Barometric pressure sensors
  • Climate data modeling
  • Cloud radar and detection
  • Computing and data solutions
  • Datalogging and telemetry
  • Defense and military weather sensors
  • Flood prediction and detection
  • Fog and visibility sensors
  • Forecasting services
  • Gas detection and analysis
  • Humidity sensors and measurement
  • Hurricane and tornado detection
  • Hydrogen production
  • Industry associations
  • Instrument calibration
  • Instrument shields and shelters
  • Integrators and distributors
  • Lidar sensor technology
  • Lightning detection and prediction
  • OEM components
  • Pollen monitoring sensors
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Precipitation/rain sensors
  • Radar systems and radomes
  • Radiometers
  • Radiosondes
  • Radomes, masts and antennas
  • Remote sensing technology
  • Road weather sensors
  • Satellite ops and services
  • Scintillometers
  • Sensor deployment: balloons, buoys and drones
  • Sensors and instrumentation
  • SODAR sensor technology
  • Soil and moisture sensors
  • Solar radiation measurement
  • Space weather services
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Storm and lightning detectors
  • Telemetry stations
  • Temperature sensors and profilers
  • Tsunami detectors
  • Visualisation software

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Event Venue

Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna, AUSTRIA