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4D-Forecasting Radars

IACIT is a Brazilian high-tech company widely known for the development of weather radars and nowcasting systems based on the concept of 4D forecasting.

At this year’s Meteorological Technology World Expo, the company is proud to present its cutting-edge solid-state transmitter (SST) S-Band Dual Pol Weather Radar, RMT 0200, for the detection of meteorological phenomena at long distances. The RMT 0200 uses solid-state power amplifiers instead of tubes, resulting in lower energy consumption, greater durability, higher availability and less electromagnetic pollution.

According to IACIT, the SST technology represents a game-changer in how modern weather radars operate. Based on a long history of proven and cost-effective operation in air traffic control radars, the SST generates substantial benefits in terms of performance, reliability and maintenance cost when applied to weather radars.

The RMT 0200 can detect atmospheric phenomena within a radius of up to 400km, thereby contributing strategic information for assertive decision making in air traffic control, agribusiness, water resource management and natural disaster prevention.

Additionally, IACIT is launching the Meteorological Integrated Nowcasting for Decision-Making (MIND) platform, its new full-scale web-based solution for meteorological command and control (C&C) centers, able to integrate massive data sources simultaneously and generate automated information and early warnings for situation awareness and decision making.

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