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Targeted atmospheric observation
InterMet Systems

The iMet-X4 is InterMet’s latest product for targeted atmospheric observation in the boundary layer and is an ideal complement to surface-based monitoring networks. The X4 builds on the company’s extensive experience with UAS-deployed sensors, including the industry-standard iMet-XQ2.

The X4 consists of a configurable central hub that manages power and data; it also includes ports for up to six individual sensors. Four ports will be dedicated to redundant air temperature and humidity sensors for precise data analysis. The remaining ports will support auxiliary gas sensors measuring common pollutants. These additional sensors will be individually priced, giving users the ability to customize the system according to mission requirements. Power can be supplied by the UAS itself or a rechargeable battery within the hub. Data management options include a removable USB flash drive, short-range radio transmission or integration with the UAS’s flight management system. All datapoints will be timestamped by an integrated GPS receiver.

The X4 Hub measures 145 x 61 x 26mm and weighs 155g. The system is suitable for many commonly available rotary winged UAS designed to carry small payloads. InterMet Systems is a global manufacturer of UAS-deployed atmospheric sensors.

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