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High-end meteorological percentage RH probe HC2A-S3A

In close cooperation with specialists from leading weather forecast companies – especially in the agricultural sector – Rotronic has developed a new generation of humidity meteo probe. The advanced high-end HC2A-S3A provides even higher reliability and long-term stability and sets new standards among non-heated temperature and humidity probes for meteorological applications.

Some highlights of this humidity probe include a new Hygromer HM1 sensor design with additional coating and protection. It also has an accuracy of ±0.8 %RH, ±0.1K at 23°C. Its measurement range is from 0–100 %RH and -50–80°C and the solution can dry up to four times faster after condensation. This humidity probe measures continuously at 60°C dew-point temperature and short-term 80°C dew point. Additionally, it is optimized for harsh environments with high humidity, wide temperature ranges and polluted air (such as sea salt, agricultural chemicals and dust).

The proven HC2A-S3 standard humidity probe will remain in Rotronic’s portfolio as a cost-effective solution for less harsh environments. Naturally or actively ventilated shields are offered as accessories. The range is rounded off with a comprehensive calibration offer.

Rotronic has been supplying meteorological applications such as weather stations, snow canons and building management systems for years. The company knows the demanding environments and the best measurement solutions for detecting and monitoring air humidity and temperature.

Rotronic is part of Process Sensing Technologies (PST) and offers industry-leading measurement devices used in all industries where superior measurement accuracy, stability and reliability are essential. With over 55 years of experience, the Rotronic brand stands for Swiss precision specialized in measurement instrumentation and innovation, such as RMS, a modular real-time environmental monitoring system that enables regulated pharmaceutical customers to meet specific FDA/EU regulations and also supports customers within industrial applications to focus on product quality.

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