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Ultrasonic wind sensor with integrated datalogger
LCJ Capteurs

At Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022, LCJ Capteurs will launch its new Sonic-Anemo-DLG ultrasonic wind sensor with integrated data logger. This sensor is intended for integrators and aimed at remote weather stations.

It can store data and therefore save the processing power of the connected equipment, which will be mobilized to retrieve some or all of the selected samples. The Sonic-Anemo DLG allows users to measure the average wind speed and direction over a given period of time.

Two versions are available: The first one is an autonomous configuration with an intergrated photovoltaic solar panel, charging a local LIFEPO4 battery (3.2V) and an ultra low power version (ULP), from 3V to 3.6V DC.

Users can check the data collected by the sensor following different events: pollution, natural disaster, agricultural weather, moreover tne time and date of the phenomenon can be viewed afterwards. This process reduces the amount of energy consumed by the data acquisition system. The high speed data transmission supports the microprocessor as well as the equipment that processes the data.

The sensors are all assembled in the LCJ Capteurs workshop, where all the technical specifications are first defined and then implemented. The model is available either as an OEM version or with a set of mounting accessories.

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