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Ultrasonic wind sensor with integrated datalogger
LCJ Capteurs

At Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022, LCJ Capteurs will premiere its brand-new Sonic Anemo with an integrated datalogger (DLG). This latest innovation is available in two versions: either with an energy-autonomous solution, a photovoltaic cell and LiFePO4 battery (3.2V) or with an ultra-low-power (ULP) device that can operate from 3.0V to 3.6V DC.

Designed for integrators and remote weather stations, the solution can provide average wind speed and direction recording, resolution and sampling rate configuration over a user-defined period (from 1-15 minutes). The wind sensor powers its internal datalogging unit with the (optional) photovoltaic cell.

From the power consumption to the sampling period, the specifications of LCJ Capteurs’ Sonic-Anemo-DLG ultrasonic anemometer can be customized by the integrator. Other features that can be customized include the number of saved samples, output data rate, cable length, wind module, angle resolution and energy consumption. The stored measurements have a variable number of samples, depending on the requirements. The data is retrievable by a low-power serial protocol and in the form of a source file. Its output refresh rate is once a second, with a wind module resolution of 0.05m/s. The wind sensor connects directly to a potentiometer input for wind direction and pulses for wind speed. Mounting accessories can also be supplied to meet the user’s needs. A 310mm-long vertical aluminum pole, mounting bracket with flanges (including four nuts) and alignment tool can be added with the sensor. The Sonic-Anemo-DLG is warrantied for two years, with parts and labor in LCJ Capteurs’ workshops included. This sensor is also available as an OEM version.

LCJ Capteurs has designed and manufactured ultrasonic static wind sensors since 1999. The French company continues to emphasize a spirit of innovation and adaptation to meet constantly changing needs, offering ultrasonic wind sensors that are compact, lightweight and inconspicuous with low energy consumption at good value. Determined to improve its responsiveness to clients, the company continues to grow and achieves over 70% of its turnover through exports.

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