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Compact pyranometers
Delta OHM

Delta OHM’s range of pyranometers goes from spectrally flat Class A to spectrally flat Class C, covering all kinds of applications and market demands. Newly introduced to the market, the LPPYRA-Lite is expanding the company’s pyranometer range to those interested in entry-level solar radiation monitoring. LPPYRA-Lite is a very small and light pyranometer based on an accurate thermopile sensor for ordinary monitoring of small photovoltaic (PV) systems. Its exceptionally compact dimensions ease the installation and integration into any application. Specifically designed for direct tilted installation on a PV panel plane, it does not require any leveling device.

Delta OHM is also working on a complete renewal of its existing range of pyranometers to improve their performance even more. The new line of smart pyranometers will cover all classes of ISO 9060:2018 (A, B and C) and have a completely new design. One important feature is the possibility of interchangeable silica gel and an integrated temperature/humidity/pressure sensor that enables full control of the operating status of the sensor at any time.

One of the most promising renewable energies is solar energy: it is abundant and available in direct as well as indirect forms. The enormous market growth in PV during the 21st century has revived research and expansion in the solar industry, including the maintenance of existing plants. The utmost precision is required to get the maximum yield from solar energy. Monitoring and maintenance are key for ensuring the productivity of a PV system. For several decades, Delta OHM has accompanied the development of renewables monitoring plants and ensured their safe operation by providing technologies that enable the evaluation and measurement of the efficiency of PV plants.

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