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Early warning system for extreme weather risks

CAE will discuss its Sarez Lake monitoring and early warning system (EWS) in Tajikistan at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022. CAE designs, produces, installs and maintains multi-hazard monitoring and early warning systems. Its solutions aim to mitigate the risk associated with extreme weather, hydrological and hydrogeological events, wildfires and water pollution.

Sarez Lake was created by a massive landslide triggered by a high-intensity earthquake, which created the Usoi Dam, the tallest dam in the world. The lake has no natural outlet, so there is concern that failure of the rubble-heap dam would have a significant impact. As a result, in 2021 CAE implemented a new monitoring and EWS that protects the 17 villages along the Murgab and Bartang rivers and reduces the vulnerability of the population to natural disasters, including the potential outburst of Lake Sarez.

The approach to the EWS was based on triggering effects, the main ones being right and left bank slides, earthquakes and high water levels. Among the CAE technologies used for the realization of the project are a THS thermo-hydrometer, a PG10 rain gauge, a ULM30/N snow depth sensor and a water level radar sensor (WLR).

In addition to supplying specialized equipment, CAE provided a full range of services such as project design, system integration, equipment installation and commissioning. Sarez Lake is 3,260m above sea level (ASL) and can only be reached by helicopter or by an eight-hour trek. Furthermore, there are extremely low temperatures, few hours of daylight and the area is not covered by any communication network other than satellite, making it even more inaccessible.

To learn more about this project, visit CAE’s booth, which will feature the company’s solutions and latest technologies such as the new Compact scalable datalogger.

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