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AI panoramic video analysis visibility meter

Sijung will present its artificial intelligence-based video analysis visibility system, the prevailing visibility system JS-08, at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022. The system can measure the runway visibility and dominance visibility of an aerodrome every minute through two 180° panoramic cameras.

According to the company, this is the first automatic measuring instrument developed for prevailing visibility. Removing the human element previously required to perform this task, Sijung asserts that its automated solution will save manpower and be useful for measuring runway visibility in the aviation sector.

Prevailing visibility is calculated by measuring each of the eight orientations (45°). Using a panoramic camera, the JS-08 solution measures the extinction coefficient in each of the eight directions to calculate the visibility and then find the dominant visibility. The extinction coefficient calculation method finds the darkest part that is reflected from an object of 24 or more points of known distance on the screen and then inversely calculates the value to find the extinction coefficient.

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