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New digital thermometers and hygrometer

NaviMet has a new range of digital thermometers, as well as a new digital hygrometer, which are all ideal for meteorological applications. The new models available include the THN-01 thermometer for weather shelters, the THN-07 above-the-soil thermometer, the THN-08 thermometer for evaporation pan, the THN-09 thermometer for temperatures from -10°C to -50°C which can measure 100cm below the soil surface, and the H64 hygrometer to measure relative humidity (% RH) and dew point temperature (Td in °C).

THN digital thermometers are accurate to 0.1°C. They offer an extended range of 110°C (-39.9°C to 69.9°C). A quick reset of values enables the weather shelter to stay open for a shorter time. The H64 hygrometer displays minimum, maximum and instantaneous relative humidity as well as minimum, maximum and instantaneous dew point temperature.

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