Products on Show

Radiosondes with heated humidity sensors

Since 2019, Graw has delivered more than 150,000 of its DFM-17 radiosondes to customers throughout the world. Encouraged by this success, the company has now enhanced the DFM-17 by adding an optional heated humidity sensor. For more details about this exciting new option, visit the company’s booth at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Paris.

Graw will also demonstrate the new features of its one-of-a-kind GrawGo smartphone app, designed to provide real-time flight data and messages quickly and securely to anyone with access to a smart device. GrawGo provides value to managers, supervisors, educators, military commands and anyone else looking for visibility and rapid visual overviews of an ongoing sounding. GrawGo provides secure access to the status of ongoing flights, flight data graphics, messages, flight tracking and push notifications for all designated members of a flight team.

Booth: 5020

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