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Remote automated weather observation system

The IMS4 Remote Observer is a camera-based remote observer system designed to improve the automation of automated weather observation systems (AWOS) and their ability to observe cloud coverage and prevailing visibility.

Large distances, challenging topography, the need for efficiency of airport operations and quality requirements are all factors that put pressure on airports’ AWOS at small or medium-sized airports. According to MicroStep-MIS, the level of automation offered by the current state-of-the-art AWOS systems is insufficient for cloud coverage and prevailing visibility observations.

MicroStep-MIS’s solution, on show at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022, comes with IMS4 AeroVis / AeroCloud. These enable complete remote operation of the AWOS system and meteorological observations. Together with any AWOS system, complete remote observations are now possible – creating a literal ‘home office’ for meteorological observers. The company highlighted the importance of this during the Covid-19 pandemic, as remote observations can serve as a backup procedure. Validated as a solution for the Single European Sky ATM Research PJ.05 project (SESAR), IMS4 Remote Observer was also developed to centralize meteorological observations at multiple airports and support the cost-effectiveness of airport operations.

With IMS4 Remote Observer, human meteorological observers are supported in the objective observation of weather parameters. Eliminating observer subjectivity is expected to enhance the quality of weather observation in general. Newly developed features for IMS4 Remote Observer include automated recognition and image processing. With this functionality, fully automated solutions for cloud and/or prevailing visibility observations are also available.

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