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Jeremy Wingate

Dr Jeremy Wingate has worked in the field of humidity measurement for over 15 years. He now leads the product management teams for Process Sensing Technolgies group including Rotronic AG. Jeremy brings a broad appreciation for the breadth of humidity applications, challenges they present and an ethusiam to help end users achieve their best measurements.


Practical lessons from 60 years of ground-based humidity measurements

The technical presentation will provide an in-depth analysis of humidity measurement techniques, drawing from six decades of experience. It will cover sensor types, challenges associated with accurate measurements, essential maintenance and calibration considerations and filter choice, plus the very latest findings/insights from Rotronic's ongoing polymer sensor developments. The presentation will address challenging applications, as well as the variety of instrumentation and implementation options available to end users to empower them to achieve improved performance and reliability in critical humidity measurements. This will lead to enhanced precision and effectiveness in climate, weather and hydrometeorological forecasting, ultimately benefiting the wider meteorological community.