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Stephan Bojinski

Dr Bojinski is a geophysicist and atmospheric scientist, with 20 years of experience in the field of weather, climate and Earth observation, for the World Meteorological Organization, EUMETSAT, and ESA. In his current function at EUMETSAT, he manages the Meteosat Third Generation User Preparation Project, a joint effort of EUMETSAT and its 30 member state NMHS to ensure users have the technical, scientific and operational readiness to exploit MTG data starting to flow in late 2023. This involves upgrades to data access and visualisation systems, user guidance for novel products, scientific support, user training, and information and communication.


Future focus: first imagery from Meteosat Third Generation satellites

A new era of satellite meteorology has started with the first Meteosat Third Generation geostationary satellite launched on December 13, 2022: its sensors provide unprecedented detail and new information such as lightning imaging from space for weather forecasters in Europe and Africa. Here, we present early imagery from the Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) and the Lightning Imager (LI), demonstrating their powerful capability to support severe convection forecasting, cloud analysis and fire detection. While ensuring continuity, the FCI spectral imager features more sensitive and new channels, and up to sixfold higher spatial resolution than current Meteosat Second Generation imagery.