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Niklas Wildenburg (né Canisius)

Niklas Wildenburg is a software developer at GRAW Radiosondes since 2022 and started his work with GRAW by developing a radio sounding management and monitoring system. Having done that as part of his previous job as a web developer at a digital agency, he was then acquired by GRAW for further in-depth projects. Bringing in new ideas and concepts of web technology into the companies software portfolio. While developing new tools, he is gaining broader knowledge of the distinctive field of meteorological measurement technology, but also enhancing the current tech stack with modern web standards.


Grow MultiSonde and sounding center - an introduction

A wide variety of user groups rely on multiple simultaneous radio soundings to make mission-critical decisions. Graw addresses these needs with the new scalable, modular, affordable and highly reliable MultiSonde system, which can be configured with 2-16 simultaneous receiver channels and is available in fixed and mobile configurations. The system comes with a completely redesigned GRAWMETX software that allows any number of sounding workstations to be networked to multiple receivers. Graw's sounding center resolves the well-known challenge for observation networks of managing and monitoring a large number of ground stations and remote sites. The new web-based solution is scalable and customizable and provides near-real-time quality control and visualization of sounding data. Deployments can be either cloud-based or on-premises, so data never leaves a segregated network when needed. The system can be accessed from virtually any device without additional installation, and data can be read or updated over the IP network.