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Francisco Obelenis

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering and holding a Bachelor's degree in Science and Technology, he directed his studies towards the field of meteorological instrumentation and avionics. With extensive experience in instrumentation and control systems, as well as monitoring systems, he currently works in the environmental monitoring field at Dualbase, a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing intelligent systems and sensors for environmental monitoring.


Smart sensors: a way to get better measurements

We have no control over the weather, but we possess the ability to measure it. Developing and implementing weather monitoring systems and alert systems is becomeing crucial. However, ensuring the reliability of these systems and the quality of the generated data is of the utmost importance. Smart sensors provide the solution by not only measuring weather conditions but also providing insights into the data's accuracy and the behavior and functionality of the measuring system. These intelligent sensors can perform self-diagnostics, compare data, conduct self-testing, detect anomalies, report installation errors and identify failures. Smart environmental monitoring sensors: that is what we do.