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P Keith Kelly

Dr. P. Keith Kelly founded Agile RF Systems (ARS) in 2014 to develop complete RF solutions for radar, remote sensing and communications. Dr. Kelly’s expertise is in antenna designs for electrically large and small apertures including the design of active electronically scanned array (AESA). Dr. Kelly has lead the development of several low cost AESA based systems for weather surveillance dating back to 2010 working with Raytheon, Colorado State University and University of Massachusetts. ARS was founded to enable the development and widespread deployment of low cost, advanced technology radar systems.


Network-centric multifunction weather radar sensing for a future smart city

This talk presents the benefits of a distributed multifunction radar network to mature smart city concepts of operation. Weather radars are employed for rea- time observation of daily hazards associated with high winds, rain, hail and snow. Accurate nowcasting methods can provide 1- to 3-hour advanced warning with geographic precision. Improved temporal and spatial observations make aftermath assessments accurate and actionable. Increased use of UAS in municipalities also necessitates accurate airborne surveillance to ensure flight patterns and density rules are followed for public safety. Low-power radars will be an essential part of smart city infrastructure for resource management.