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Ilse Gayl

Ilse Gayl is a technology entrepreneur and environmental risk management strategist. Today she works on corporate development and leads wildfire strategy at Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AEM.eco). Ilse has helped for 30+ years to manage weather- and water-related risk, first co-founding and leading OneRain and later acquiring High Sierra Electronics. Ilse serves as a council member on the Hydrometeorological Industry Association (HMEI) and as a member of the NOAA Science Advisory Board's Environmental Information Services Working Group. Previously, she was a founding board member of the National Hydrologic Warning Council and served on the University of Colorado's Telecommunications graduate program advisory


How ALERT2 telemetry benefits weather-related risk management and operations

ALERT/ERRTS telemetry has been used since the 1970s and 80s for real-time environmental monitoring data collection. ALERT2, also a community open standard telemetry protocol, was introduced in 2010 in the US, where most state, county and municipal agencies have now upgraded. BoM Australia has begun the upgrade process nationwide, starting with data collection software and planning site upgrades over the next several years. This presentation describes the characteristics of the communication protocol that make it uniquely useful in early warning systems for weather risk, as well as in general for robust and resilient real-time data-centric applications.