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Erny Niederberger

Erny Niederberger is one of the three founders of Swisens. As an electrical engineer and with an MAS in business administration, Erny worked for over 20 years as an electronics and embedded software developer in industry and developed various sensor systems, including for fire alarm systems. He realised that we don't know much about the different particles in the air that we breathe all the time. This was the motivation that led to Swisens AG. Which goal is to enable new and improved solutions for industry and science with the detection of bioaerosols.


Real-time pollen identification using holographic imaging and fluorescence measurement

Pollen allergy or asthma affects 15-40% of Europeans. With an early warning, allergy sufferers can take targeted measures and minimize contact with pollen. In this way, they remain productive. Their quality of life increases thanks to fewer symptoms. The latest automatic pollen monitoring instruments make it possible to detect the pollen count in real time and thus provide an early warning of the pollen risk. This is now even better with the SwisensPoleno Jupiter. By combining measured morphological and biochemical properties, the classification algorithms based on artificial intelligence achieve even better results.